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  1. The early Galliot was a medium ship type. It fell around the size of a frigate warship or a brig, But was designed as a flat bottom. The shape of the hull was round on both bow and stern, not unlike the bigger fluyt designs, This allow for coastal sailing, and shallow waters and lakes. The shipped was often rigged with a main mast and a smaller mizzen mast at the stern, often bearing a fore-aft mainsail, a mizzen sail, a jib, and an optional topsails on either mast. To avoid drifting with the flat bottems, the smaller ships were often outfitted with leeboards that would be lowered during sailing. Later ships of this type increased in size, leaning closer to the fluyt in capacity, some even adopted a 3th fore mast that allowed for a full rig.
  2. This type of ship started being built during the end of the seventeenth century and was primarily used for whaling. In old dutch the ship type was called boetscepe which means boatship (not the most original name) The characteristics of this ship type where the wide stern board than extended wider than the ship, a broad profile amongst the waterline, a shallow keel and a stump bow
  3. What other Naval Games do you like?!

    I just found this game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552080/IronWolf_VR/ it's a VR only coop game about submarines. It has very in depth controls and you can play with up to 4 players in a sub marine. If you don't have a VR headset, at least watch a lets play. This game is amazing!!!
  4. What other Naval Games do you like?!

    Let me know, i'll hop in with you. it's the best experience to play along with people who you know
  5. Paintings and References Gallery

    Handy sheet of tools Alpheus Hyatt Verrill 1916, University of Washington Francis Allyn Olmsted 1841, New York
  6. Paintings and References Gallery

    The Whale-oil Refinery near the Village of Smerenburg (Amsterdam Island, Spitspergen) by Cornelis de Man, 1639 (dude was only 18 when he painted this) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  7. Paintings and References Gallery

    Dutch whalers near Spitsbergen - Abraham Storck, 1690 - Zuiderzeemuseum Netherlands
  8. Let us share the most amazing paintings, drawings and sketches from the past. Age of Sail and whaler related. If possible state source, name of author and time period. The whaling grounds by Abraham Storck, between 1654 and 1708, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  9. What other Naval Games do you like?!

    Guns of Icarus is one of my favs. It's about ships... in the air... airships Not only is it an awesome steampunk game, it's one of the best online ship sailing games. 4 players crew a ship, with each their own task (Captain, Gunner, Engineer) Against other player controlled ships or in coop against hordes of AI ships. The gameplay asymmetrical but very balanced and the communication is a lot of fun!
  10. I listen to this one so often!!
  11. Happy Holidays to everyone!


  12. I am an Historical Reconstruction Artist from the Netherlands. I've always been driven by the urge to create and to bring to life. Build worlds of other times, lives that no one has ever experienced. It sparked my believe that creation, besides love, is one of the highest callings of humanity.

    This virtue, together with my passion for history, sparked my career in history reconstruction. I started rebuilding places that had long gone, reanimated people that had long turned back to dust. I wanted people to experience what had been. Not only to show, but also to teach something about themselves. This became my mission!


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