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  3. The Whaler on Social Media and other ports

    Updated with Discord link
  4. December update 2017

    Hey Captain`s Time for another update, we have been a bit busy on all ends this few weeks, with planning of how the character customization will work and look, as well as blocking out and starting to shape out Nantucket Island. Progress has also been very good regarding "The Pearl" and it is currently on track for the new milestone we have set. Finally, we have also heard the call from the community and the first zone that will be playable will be called "The Myth of The White Whale", we know a lot of followers have been asking questions about Moby Dick, but as this time period wont fit, it makes a possibility for a future set of content after release. If you know the history the book of Moby dick, it was based upon various true stories of other albino whales that ruled the sea, one of these was Mocha Dick, (together with cappuccino orca *phun*) who was a feared whale that supposedly survived over a 100 encounters with whalers in the areas around Mocha island. It is said that when he was killed, he had around 19 harpoons in him before the encounter even started. But the myth started somewhere! Character Customization: Here is the old and early sketch we made to try an visualize how the character customization will look like the style of this will be of old fine art, and you can choose hat, face and uniform in the portrait. Sketch by Dominik Mayer Environment, Nantucket: Captain Zackarias, Environment Artist Captain Zackarias made the Nantucket island and we have now started to block out and placing the assets. Nantucket is hard one, it`s and Island with almost no trees, and that`s pretty hard to get looking good without making it feel to empty, but it is a challenge we have no problem taking on. The most important thing is to get the port looking good and making it seem busy and alive. "The Pearl" A 16th Century Whaling ship: Captain Mike, Ship Builder Captain Mike is working hard and well on "The Pearl", you might have seen some of his ships in another age of sail game, called Naval Action. We are also opening discord for the public, where you can chat with us, give feedback, QA`s, sing some shanties or listen to shantie radio! https://discord.gg/SUr35k9 I also want to thank everybody who voted for us during the indie awards 2017, we made it to TOP 100 and are currently the only game in upcoming realistic sim for the last vote batch. If you like what you see, we would appreciate the continuous support for the last run of votes! http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-whaler-working-title Thanks again for all the support we have gotten, emails, comments and so forth, it means a lot. With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas and an amazing new year. Looking forward for next year and all it will bring on our front! Cheerio, Captain Tommy
  5. 2017 Indie of the Year Awards Event

    So thanks to everyone who voted, we are now the only game in the upcoming genre of realistic sim! Now you can vote for placement! http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-whaler-working-title Thanks again Captains!!
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  7. Hi Captain`s! Would love it and appreciate it if The Whaler got a vote for up and coming indie! You can also win game keys from IndieDB just by voting! http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-whaler-working-title Vote link is on the page!
  8. Share your favorite Shantie/Music from the age of sail!

    The year was 1892, set our sail to the raging blue!!!
  9. The Whaler on Social Media and other ports

    Updated with Twitch link.
  10. November Update 2017

    Aspect ratio don`t want to level out on the pics, so they seem stretched. I suggest going to indiedb to get a better picture. http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-whaler-working-title/news/the-whaler-dev-update-9
  11. November Update 2017

    Hey Captains!! Time for another update, this month I had a plan of showing some sneak peaks of the ship. But sadly the artist that was hired to do the ship came back to me 3 days ago, saying he could not do it because of time, in fact he had nothing to deliver, at all, that is almost 3 months of waiting for nothing. This set us back quite a bit and was a huge blow for me personally (Tommy) as I defiantly needed this for many reasons, but we at least got a valid explanation so as much as I want to scream loud about it, there is no hard feelings and I hope the artist takes a breather from being overworked and thinks about his health for a bit, so if you ever had the idea why it has not been shown yet, or think it went a bit slow, this is the reason. BUT another backup artist we had been in contact with, who was going to do a lot of work for us next year came to the rescue, you might have seen some of his ships in the game Naval Action. We also had a plan of showing you how the crafting system worked, but as the ship was not ready, that does not make any sense as that`s where it takes part, this however means we will have a lot more to show of in the coming months and when its done, I will do a quick QA on a stream showing of some teaser of it, and you can also ask any questions, come with feedback and so on. (https://www.twitch.tv/trym_studios) So we are back on track and shifted the focus to start on one of the mini games while we wait, as everything we need art wise is done for that. Some minor tech updates: "Crafting & Inventory (continued) - Added partial split feature (WIP) - Added DEBUG_SYSTEM to move between screens - Screens now close with UI - Added 3D Models - Remove screen camera" - ItemData are now IEquatable - Completed stacking - Added validation for recipes - Added UI for Butchering, Skinning and Crafting screens - Added output for recipe (can`t take the output in the UI) - Flushing slots to inventory on close - Updating 3D models - Added ability to cancel crafting recipe - Cleaned code Ready to hook with game code " - Systemtization of configs and ready for import to game scene Player Controller V2 - Simulacrum architecture* - Created dummy ship (for controls) - Synchronized movement of 'real character controller' on dummy ship with simulacrum player controller on actual ship - Basic WASD movement - Basic mouse rotation movement (Y axis rotation-only for now) - Adjusted cam / arms & collision to match 'humanoid' perspective" You might have seen some of the picture of the dutch whaling boat in the gallery, but I will include some of the screenshot renders here as well. The game ready model of the dutch whaling boat, which you as the player will use in the mini game (European style). Depending on what zone you play in, this will have a different look. Art by Linus Scheffel Artstation.com Some of the art for kickstarter tiers, wonder what they are? Well, you can control these for the free roam camera, and fly around your ship, enjoying the view. Art by Lucaciu Roland Roland.artstation.com If you did not get a chance to check out the main theme song in the previous post, you can do so here. Song by Dirk Kluesing Soundcloud.com Other Social media: Facebook.com Twitter.com Twitter.com instagram.com/thewhalergame/ Until next time!
  12. Share your favorite Shantie/Music from the age of sail!

    The main theme of The Whaler! Find out more: www.thewhalergame.com http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-whal... www.twitter.com/thewhalergame https://www.alphabetagamer.com/the-wh... https://www.facebook.com/thewhalergame Illustrations by: Dominik Mayer https://www.artstation.com/dtmayer Music by: Dirk Kluesing https://soundcloud.com/irkluesing
  13. Random Whale Images

    This in Stirling, close to the Wallace monument!
  14. Random Whale Images

    A proper "Beer" opener if i ever saw one!
  15. Random Whale Images

    This thread is for all the whale lubbers out there - post pictures of the whale stuff you have around the house, or images of whales from the web that you find. Include details if applicable, but maybe you just like it or think it's inspiring... I will start off with my buddy's sweet bottle opener: This thing is 1/4" thick steel, and it already has a gnarly gash from a close getaway! Pictured here, on his equally awesome full size butcher's block.
  16. Factions?

    Ahoy!! These factions will exist as NPC, but it is planned that you will be a part of them, but at the same time setting out on your own, making your own fortune. We are also looking at the possibility of you making/building up your own business at various ports, with a kind of modular building system with a map, as you wont be able to move in port, it would still be exciting to and build upon it while you were there. But we are mainly focusing on the trading, hunting and customization first. What we for some reason would not be able to deliver in the final version on release, this is something that could defiantly be done with free dlc`s. You definitely get custom ships! Hope this answered your questions!
  17. Factions?

    Yo Ho Capt'n! Would the game include factions (British East India Company, The Dutch east India company, etc.) ? If so, do we start off as part of one or would we sign up to be in one later? Can we also create our own companies? And branching off the first one... Would we get custom ships as well? As a well-indulged RP that especially loves the 16th-20th century timelines, it would be my greatest honor to have these questions answered. Cheers! Das Boot
  18. October Update 2017

    Hi Crew, During this last month we have been working on the way-point system and how the quests/Mission will work, this all with placeholders while we are getting the ship ready and animations redone, yes, we had to redo most of the animations so we got a studio in to fix it, who previously has worked on some big projects. We have also finished a lot of the art and the composer has made some amazing music done for the VS as well. Super excited to show it to you in a few months. Crafting & Inventory - System definition for implementation (parameters, variables, etc.) - Validating documentation - Partial work on draggable core class - System implementation (WIP) - Scriptable Object definition - Inventory base - Crafting product base Quest System - Quest DB Holder (all quests) - Intelligent Waypoint spawns (static, location-based) - 'Q' now initiates quest DB (3 dummy quests, one of which active) - Prevent duplicate active quest entries - Additional work on the 'hunt' quest (dummy to attach to whale to trigger 'death trigger' when a whale that was sighted is effectively killed) - Attempting to import whale assets to build dummy quest whale prefab (Scale Compensation export issue, unsupported by Unity) - Added triggers for 'hunt' and 'deliver' - Hunt quests only completed if 'killing the whale' as opposed to entering a zone (currently, killing a whale is defined by touching it with the ship, which is going to change for the minigame when ready) - Simplified Waypoint system, now able to support both Whale and non-Whale objects (single entity to use) - Typed Quests (Fetch, Deliver, Hunt) - Ironed out 'Fetch' quests (reach destination = autocomplete) - Preliminary disambiguation between Fetch, Deliver and Hunt - Wip on 'ResourcesManifest' (for Deliver quests) - Wip on 'RewardsManifest' (for Quests rewards in Fetch and Deliver (Hunt has no reward: just the whale!)) - Debug Question initiation ('Q') now triggers 3 dummy quests dynamically - Cleaned Debug Quest 'Add' and prevent duplicates General - Script files reorganization / hierarchy (cleanup job) Ship Physics - Base Torquer (V2) and handler (wave rocking) - Floating physics Camera - Camera jitter partial fix - Adjust Camera settings based on ControlFocus (including focus in) - Added secondary camera slave - Added camera transition mode Character Physics - R&D Character relative positioning on boat (best fit), no falloff - TODO: up/down fake physics implementation (will require raycasting & heuristics) Character Movement - WASD core movement (relative to boat) - Camera panning (mouse-movement derived) - Cursor Lock Status - Physics-implementation of the character (RB to RB relationship) - WIP Managers - Added ControlFocus Class (determines whether player is controlling Ship, Character or Boat) - Debug switch mode (1 = Ship, 2 = Boat (unused), 3 = Character) Water - Texture now 'offsets' accordingly with movement (illusion of movement) - Texture offset follows 'waves' vector modifiers - Fixed graphical tear in water texture (caused by recurring normals recalculation missing frame target) - Attempted waves smoothly going faster/slower (stronger/weaker) but faced with algorithmic glitch to fix* QuestLog - Placeholder UI - Debug show/hide ("J") - Update quest status in UI Compass - Added Camera-space canvas as camera slave (child) - Added Compass Asset to camera-space canvas - Decoupled needle as interactive component - Inverted X and Z axis of compass (export settings fix) - Bent compass' Z-axis rotation to ship's Y-axis rotation dynamically (no smoothing) - Added placeholder lighting setup for compass - Adjusted material settings (metallic) - Imported texture and normal map - Added Waypoint feedback - Added Waypoint feedback relative rotation - Placeholder color disambiguation of up to 3 waypoints - Now supports the top 3 active quests for waypoints Quest Book - Skinned quest book (wood texture) - Adjusted 9-slice borders Quest Popup - Added placeholder quest popup (content still placeholder) - Quest popup triggers when a quest completes Button Prefab - Skinned button (frame + bkg) - Adjusted 9-slice borders Crafting System - Skinned Crafting panel (frame, encaved_slots, back, wood) - Adjusted 9-slice borders - Adjusted ratio - Adjusted alpha - Assets rundown, repriorization of current goals based on available assets - R&D on character rigidbody on moving surface Character (Player) - Modified current character implementation (physics) to avoid jitter - Created new camera (slave to character) Character (Ship) - Modified current physics implementation - Modified tracking parameters of primary cam Resources System - Created the world resource container - Created resource instances for: Grain, Iron, Oil, Rope, Rum, Meat and Wood - Created prefab allocations for each resource - Assigned to the world resource reference table (name, image, etc.) *NOT value (port-specific) The Chef, maybe we should call him Mario!? The Compass seen in the video.
  19. September Update 2017

    Almost outdated again. Which is good! And tomorrow, if not then Friday. We will be showing a piece of the quest system (with placeholders). We are also doing some writing for a great idea we had, for how the Captain can know more about his crew without directly talking to them as well. All about them details!
  20. Your Favorite movie/series?

    Old school! I like it!
  21. Your Favorite movie/series?

    Treasure Island, the one from the 1970's! Lol.
  22. September Update 2017

    Looks great!
  23. Articles/Interviews

  24. September Update 2017

    Sounds awesome!
  25. September Update 2017

    Hi guys, So we had a great time at Gamescom, we got a lot of good feedback and got to talk more about the game then I actually expected at this point. It was a great learning experience for future conventions and I`m even more excited to spread the word about the game. Regarding the game updates: We have finished almost all of the models for the vertical slice, and our 3 great modelers have done an amazing job making everything from scratch, and it`s looking absolutely great. From a programming standpoint we are also pretty much on track for pre-alpha and to have an in-game trailer ready for you & Kickstarter next year. It`s a big project so we need to make it look the part as well, as of right now we will have the trailer ready sometime in December/January. Also, the Kickstarter in-game concept art rewards are starting to come together and is looking amazing! A small programming update: - Dummy mechanics (Ship proto) -> Sails & Rudder vs waves --> Can Accelerate / Decelerate (temp) - based on Sails raised* (primitive) --> Can Rotate around arc (temp) - based on Rudder angle* (primitive) --> Rudder visual feedback (inverted rotation mechanic) --> Rudder progressively returns to angle 0 upon wheel release *Some friction issue - Dummy camera tracking (Cam proto) -> Tracking Ship vs waves --> Can track rotation & position --> Optional Y loc (prevents cam bumps, but less immersive) - Dynamic vs Static - Dummy waves mechanic --> Wave modulation (Speed, Height, Frequency, Noise) (No orientation control yet) - Modified Buoyancy behavior (algorithm for mesh heightmap, pitch/yaw, etc.) - Adapted fake ship to new mesh - Test Scene Cleanup and general project setup - Added Main Scene & Scene Manager Loader (Transitions to Main) - Refactored Ship Controlling Rudder logic - Reflective/Transparent Map Water R&D - Ship Logic Cleanup & Setup - Skybox tests - Preliminary Fog Settings - Setup 'Fake Port' / Reel test - Navigation re-implementation (Sails system, no torquers) - Crafting system dragable UI placeholder implementation Assets - New Assets Import Core - GameManager Singleton implementation Quest System - Waypoint detection (Ship & Waypoint bounding volumes) - Quest System entity - Dummy quest creation (hooked to debug console) - Dummy quest Waypoint (hooked to debug console) - Quests are added ("Q") and completed (reaching dummy Waypoint) only insofar as there are active quests (test mode) UI - UIManager Singleton implementation - DebugConsole output UI element (array of 10 messages) Crafting & Inventory - System definition for implementation (parameters, variables, etc.) - Validating documentation - Partial work on draggable core class Quest System - Quest DB Holder (all quests) - Intelligent Waypoint spawns (static, location-based) - 'Q' now initiates quest DB (3 dummy quests, one of which active) General - Script files reorganization / hierarchy (cleanup job) Ship Physics - Base Torquer (V2) and handler (wave rocking) - Floating physics Camera - Camera jitter partial fix I`ve included some screenshots of the ocean material, tier 10 of the European style Captains table and the new crafting hammer. (This update was originally posted on indiedb)
  26. Your Favorite movie/series?

    Havent watched it past season 1 actually. ;P some of the acting threw me off lol
  27. Your Favorite movie/series?

    Black flag ?
  28. Your Favorite movie/series?

    What is your favorite movie(s)? Maybe you have one set in this time period as the game? When I was a kid, the first pirate movie I watched was Cutthroat Island. Watched it again a few months ago, not the same feeling. Master and Commander, Gladiator, Seven and Apocalypto is currently my top movies.
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